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  1. The Wizard of Dark Street: A Book Review
  2. The Magician's Tower
  3. Review: The Wizard of Dark Street by Shawn Thomas Odyssey | slatebreakers
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Good enough to keep me off social media Oct 27, Raven R.

The Wizard of Dark Street: A Book Review

AvalonReadsBooks rated it liked it. Is it bad that I hate Isadora more than I ever hated any story book villain ever? That includes Umbridge. Otherwise, this was an interesting mystery. I like that Oona is growing as a character and still learning.

Even though I would have let Isadora fall to her doom I'm glad she helped the dumb girl out. It was an easy read and an easy mystery to figure out. Good read. I can't wait for her and Adler to figure out they like each other. Maybe it's because I'm not a kid anymore but it just didn't grab my attention. As much as I like Oona, I think the "romance" is overdone and the pacing is kind of slow. Oct 18, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks. Spoiler Alert! This was a decent book, so if you read the first one in the series and liked it, go ahead and read this one before reading my review.

Not literally, as I was reading it on my tablet. T Spoiler Alert! These and a few other quibbles aside, the main source of my disappointment was the extremely poor proofreading — and to be honest, after a while I began to think it was less a proofing problem than it was that the author just has difficulty with homonyms. These are just three of many examples of sloppy editing. In both cases I ask, Where is his editor? Oct 31, Brandy Painter rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , fantasy , fantasy , middle-grade. Originally poste here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.

The Magician's Tower

Sadly, other things keep coming up. When its sequel, The Magician's Tower, was nominated for the Cybils I decided to go ahead and give it a try anyway. At least I would know if it could stand on its own. It can and it is such a fun story I am now looking forward to reading its predecessor even more. Come January.

Review: The Wizard of Dark Street by Shawn Thomas Odyssey | slatebreakers

I adore a good fun mystery, and that is Originally poste here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile. I adore a good fun mystery, and that is what The Magician's Tower is first and foremost. It is also an adventure full of riddles and, of course, a fantasy. All things prepared to make me have quite a bit of fun with a book. And did I ever have fun reading this one. The competition is set up in an interesting manner and watching as Oona attempts the feats and tries to solve more than one mystery at the same time is thrilling. Oona is a wonderful main character. She is persistent, brave, clever, and also possessing of a remarkable amount of common sense.

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And when her common sense fails her she has a talking pet raven to remind her when its gone missing. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between these two characters. Oona's rival in the competition, Isadora, is a bit over the top, but that is what makes her character fun and a perfect foil. She was frightfully annoying, as she is intended to be.

Oona's cursh on Adler is sweet and perfectly described for the intended age group. I quite liked the villain as well, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not able to figure every piece of this mystery out before the reveal. I enjoyed the mixture of genres and am delighted to have found another book and series I know I can get my students, many of whom also love both these things, interested in.

Jan 26, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: middle-grade , fantasy , mystery. As much as I had my problems with the former, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the latter. But I thought Odyssey was simply rehashing a lot of things that had already been accomplished in the first book, and the villain reveal felt forced.

I liked the eventual connection to the world and plot revealed in The Wizard of Dark Street, but I was hoping that Odyssey would do more with that than what he did. I wish there had been more overall setup to the contest as a whole, rather than a very rushed explanation at the beginning of the book. Jun 03, Kaleena Melotti rated it it was amazing. Odyssey has done it again! I love Oona Crate! Oona had solved her first real mystery and officially started her detective agency while still being the wizard's apprentice.

However, very little detecting has actually gone on.

Oona is now awaiting the Magician's Tower trials and hop Odyssey has done it again! Oona is now awaiting the Magician's Tower trials and hoping for some mysteries as well. The Magician's Tower is a combination of mental and physical trials which culminates with an attempt to open a puzzle box, which hasn't been done in years! Oona's father had made it to the final two and when Oona was a child, she had promised him she would win. With these memories and her father's death, she is driven even further to succeed. Fresh off a summer of a serious lack in detective work, the night before the trials begin, a mystery pops up.

Despite the fact that she is very dedicated to the tower trials, she can't help but attempt to find clues and solve this mystery.

ISBN 13: 9781606845059

This book is a truly well-written Oona roller coaster sequel with a smooth blend of trials and mystery. You'll be sucked right into Oona's world and try to solve the clues for the mental trials, as well as figure out the mystery. There is also a lot more magic this time around! Not only are there more spells from Oona, Uncle Alexander, and Samuligan, but there's also a more in depth look at how magic works as well. And, it wouldn't be complete without a bit of romance, but I'll leave that for the pages of the book. Sep 13, Crissy rated it liked it Shelves: middle-readers , fantasy. Two of her competitors are familiar -- Oona's crush, Adler Iree the magical lawyer and his sister, In The Magician's Tower , Oona Crate returns, determined to win a centuries old contest to boost her confidence after a disappointing start to her magical detective career.

Jul 06, Kristi Bernard rated it it was amazing. Oona Crate is back and seeking out a mystery. But she won't be using magic, only her wit. She has made her way to Oswald park to attend the famous Magician's Tower Contest, which takes place every five years. Oona hadn't been to the park since a failed magic spell cost the lives of her mother and baby sister.

Moving forward Oona will rely on the facts instead of magic. With her raven companion Deacon, Oona's latest adventure begins. Oona gets a break in her boardom when she encounters a fortune t Oona Crate is back and seeking out a mystery. Oona gets a break in her boardom when she encounters a fortune teller named Madame Romania from Romania who promises to unfold information that will release Ooona from the burden of her mother and sister's deaths.

Upon her visit they discover that the punchbowl oracle, which has the power to reveal this truth, is missing. It was out of the question for the fortune teller to go to the police. As a result, Oona takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of the missing oracle, in-spite of the wizards request for her to stay focused on the contest.

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It's up to Oona to solve this mystery, win the contest and make her long gone parents proud. Odyssey has created another great adventure for middle grade readers. Mystical characters and vivid imagery make for a quick easy read. Parents and teachers will enjoy having this in their library. Feb 10, Dorine White rated it really liked it. The contest is divided into dangerous tasks, and at each level, someone is eliminated. The ultimate goal is to accomplish the final task, opening a wooden box at the top of the tower. No one in two hundred years has completed the final task.

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But, it seems like someone is cheating, and Oona is determined to find out who and how. The character of Oona is interesting. She is overwhelmed by guilt over the deaths of her mom and sister.