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The cover and extras lyric sheets etc will also have creases or normal wear characteristics which are usually acceptable for this grade. Bruno Majcherek und die Regento Stars. Here are the Regento Stars. The Regento Stars. Bruno was born in Poland in son of Polish Parents. This is therefore for your protection and peace of mind as well as mine. Condition is good, used. Covers with few creases, rounded corners and edges, in good condition.

Ivo Robic,Lolita,Tom und Tommy.

The vinyl may just show signs of having been played once or twice. The area around the spindle hole should be pretty much free of spindle trace marks, or at least only have the minimum of these marks. Sorry for any inconvenience. For double LP, or more than one, or for a box - depends on the weight. This Parlophone 78 is very rare. The DKN series were recorded in West Africa, sent as tapes or acetates to England, manufactured there and then sent back to Africa as 78s in the s and s.

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I have been sending records all over the world to regular collectors and dealers for many years. I have never had a breakage. See similar items. This is a 2 record collection of Harry Secombe. Otherwise good condition for age. Saka Acquaye and his African Ensemble from Ghana. Nonesuch Explorer Series, New York. Cover Art: Richard Luck. Results pagination - page 3 1 2 3. A section on advanced chords is also included. Although this book is written for the standard ukulele in C tuning, the authors also address how the baritone uke, ukulele-banjo, and tiple can be used with this book.

Mel Bay Partition Variete - Filiberto Roger - Guitar Technic - Guitar Media Type : BookLevel : Multiple LevelsMusical Genre : All StylesNumber of pages : 48 Although this book begins with short exercises using extremely simple, two-finger left-hand movements, it quickly takes these building blocks and stacks them into a skyscraper of precise right- and left-hand technique.

Develops left-hand dexterity, solid rhythmic sense, and plectrum technique, including crosspicking, through challenging scale and arpeggio exercises.

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Standard notation and tablature. Mel Bay Partition Variete - Gately Earl - Basic Bass Lines - Electric Bass Media Type : BookLevel : BeginningMusical Genre : All StylesSeries : Basic SeriesNumber of pages : 32 This superb study book or method supplement for any bass student contains 19 bass rhythm parts in a mixture of popular styles, including shuffles, reggae, rock, swing, standard walking bass, be-bop, newgrass, syncopated Latin lines, the jazz waltz, and country western.

Performance notes are included with each tune explaining how to use position and fingering markings, when to shift position, how to count and play syncopated rhythm patterns, and more. Bass parts are in notation and tablature with fingerings and positions, and guitar lead and chord parts are shown.

Includes a handy base line manual and a chord arpeggio chart. The unique one-glance fingerboard chart shows musical notation exactly where it appears on the frets. Its melodies have insinuated themselves into our culture so that they are now universally familiar. This edition presents, for the first time, the entire suite in a version for solo guitar. This is a substantial work for the guitarist that, while requiring solid technique, is quite rewarding for both the player and the audience.

Also included is a transcription of Grieg's beautiful Solveig's Song.

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Book II reviews many of the fundamentals presented in Book I. It tests your music reading skills with worksheets, expands your knowledge with additional chords, and gives you many more songs to play.

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Both notation and tablature are used, allowing you to strum along using the chord symbols or play the melody with the tablature. From the first tones to a full two-octave chromatic scale, this book, CD, and DVD will introduce the beginner progressively to the foundations of flute playing and musicianship.

Proper assembly, playing position, and embouchure formation are carefully introduced along with simple songs and rudiments of music. Beginning players are taught a set of basic skills from which they can build performance technique. Lively rhythmic backgrounds on the accompanying CD will generate student interest from the very beginning. Practice loops will encourage students to learn through repetition.

Latin and jazz accompaniments make even the simplest exercises an enjoyable musical experience.

Suite española - no. 2 Cataluña (Isaac Albéniz)

DVD All selections appear in grand staff notation. Combining cutting-edge artistry and a passionate sense of tradition, she brings a contemporary touch to a centuries-old instrument. This collection presents 18 Scottish melodies arranged for solo Celtic harp with lyrics included.

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The selections include one piece in the key of F, which will require retuning the B strings to B-flat. All selections are written in leadsheet format for voice with complete lyrics, guitar chords and harmonica tablature.

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  • Ideal for the trail or campfire singing, take it along on your next hike or camping trip. Filled with vintage photos and period prints,this book captures the essence of one of North America's most exciting eras. Arranged for voice and piano with suggested guitar chords. The book features classical excerpts but there are five folk tunes and a medieval melody.

    The level of difficulty ranges from advanced beginner to advanced intermediate. This is a collection of some of the most beautiful French melodies and is a perfect addition to almost every harpist's repertoire. The arrangements all have fingering and dynamics. The keys range from two sharps to one flat, but a full set of levers is needed for several of the more advanced classical excerpts. Eight of the pieces require no lever changes and five of the classical melodies require multiple lever changes. Mel Bay Partition Classique - Stover Rico - The Guitarist's Guide To Fingernails - Guitar Media Type : BookLevel : Multiple LevelsMusical Genre : ClassicNumber of pages : 28Presented in this informative text is a concise, clear picture of the fingernail, its anatomy, what affects its health, how to combat weak nail problems, how to obtain strong, healthy nails and what products to buy.

    Included is an analysis of all currently available artificial nail systems acrylics, wraps, gels and glue on tips with a discussion of the potential health risks involved. The Guitarist's Guide to Fingernails also introduces a revolutionary new artificial nail system that is nontoxic, removable yet effective, with no risks to the health of your natural fingernail. An absolute must for guitarist's of all kinds! The solos are intermediate in difficulty and convey the beautiful, lyrical quality of the original Harp compositions.

    As a bonus, two of the solos are also scored for baroque Guitar. A companion recording is available as an internet download.