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Discover the thrilling new epic fantasy novel set in the world of the Tarnished Crown. Book 1. The Clone Wars have exploded across the galaxy as Republic forces and Separatists struggle to gain the upper hand. But while the Jedi generals work tirelessly to defeat Count Dooku and his rebels, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is hatching his own dark plans. The Separatists have launched a sneak attack on Coruscant. Inspired by the full-length animated feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the brand-new TV series, this thrilling adventure is filled with provocative, never-before-revealed insights into the characters of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, Yoda, Count Dooku, and many other Star Wars favorites.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit - Stealth : Karen Miller :

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On the Outer Rim, the planet Lanteeb has no strategic value, no political power, and one enormous problem: It has been invaded by an emboldened Separatist Alliance. Hiding their lightsabers beneath their dusty disguises, Anakin and Obi-Wan draw on their Jedi skills to stay one step ahead of Lok Durd's droid army on Lanteeb. The Jedi know that a captive scientist has given Durd the keys to a terrifying bioweapon.

Durd knows that the Jedi are on his planet.


With Yoda calling on the powers of the Jedi Council, with a new Separatist technology jamming the Guardians' communications, and with a traitor at the heart of the Republic's government, the wheels of war are turning. But the Separatists have blockaded Lanteeb. The finishing touches are being put on a weapon to destroy whole worlds. And it will be up to the two Jedi Knights and their most trusted comrades to liberate Lanteeb or forever suffer the consequences. More related to Star Wars. Allegiance: Star Wars Legends. Now—how are your engine modifications holding up? Trust Obi-Wan to notice.

Where are we? Sticky ground. But Rex says a smart soldier eats and sleeps every chance he gets. You want to argue with someone, argue with him. Do it a third time and there will be repercussions. To keep the peace here and now, he nodded.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth

Obi-Wan raked his fingers through his hair. No pun intended. How much longer do you want to keep pushing our luck? Without warning the vehicle lurched, then dropped. Cursing, he wrestled it back under control. And sure. Obi-Wan grabbed the passenger-door handle. I think it is.

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And then he sighed. It seems a pity not to see death rushing to meet us.

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Things are about to get a little bit interesting. Ignoring his leaden exhaustion, the warning ache in his bones, and the drag in his blood, for the second time that night Obi-Wan discarded prudent self-preservation and abandoned himself without reservation to the Force. Its power howled through him, setting his nerves alight. And howling with the power was the starkest of warnings: Danger ahead, Jedi. Danger all around. Sweating and swearing, Anakin fought the crippled, dying groundcar. They were down to the dregs of its power cell now, encased in a shell of unresponsive metal. The headlights were fading fast and with them any hope of making some kind of informed landing.

Darkness poised to swallow them.

You see? Except this time was different. Their improbably rigged-up groundcar was falling like a brick. And when bricks hit the ground from a great height they had the disconcerting habit of smashing to splinters and shards.

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